Perlita Picante Entertainment – My Mission

As a producer, I strive to:

  • Provide performers of color with a space to express our artistic vision through burlesque, variety, music, or sideshow arts.
  • Promote performers of color of all backgrounds, abilities, and gender presentation/expression as a valuable asset to the entertainment industry.
  • Diversify our local stages by bringing color balance, differences and similarities, by showing our diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds through our artistic work.
  • Provide representation and reach to a diverse audience that sees themselves on our stages.

As a performer, I am on a journey as a solo artist with a mission to bring my own brand of saucy, electrifying performances to a stage near you in representation of Latin culture. It is important to honor your roots and your heritage; with that realization came the commitment to at least add one element of my culture, upbringing, and personality whether it is in the form of movement, music, or costuming to each one of my acts. This is a reflection of who I am as an artist and as an individual, and that through my art I can show my audience the beautiful cultural diversity that is available to them, in their own backyard.

Azucar – Photo by Maia Papaya Photography